Foghorn Leghorn

"Being open minded distracts and creates something new."

Researchers Find Boosting Depression-Causing Mechanisms in the Brain Increases Resilience


A new study points to a conceptually novel therapeutic strategy for treating depression. Instead of dampening neuron firing found with stress-induced depression, researchers demonstrated for the first time that further activating these neurons opens a new avenue to mimic and promote natural…



Vespa Rally 2014 Whitby


this is most likely going to happen to me one day lol


this is most likely going to happen to me one day lol


day 17 - like a drum still hasn’t updated. i am doing my best to go through the motions of life, though i am not truly living.


fucking done with life.


fucking done with life.



Fuck you. And Fuck me.
You know what? Lets all just fuck ev’rything! Fuck all :)

Fuck, fuckety fuck
Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Fucking fuck. fuck. fuck!


Me rn

Insert text on We Heart It.


Insert text on We Heart It.


Everything is going to be ok
by Eleanor Lutz

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Subsiding Thoughts

        As the flow of the wind stirs, I see a wire swaying left to right on a house next to mine, hypnotizing me and putting me into a trans.I counted down from 10 slowly, releasing the cigarette smoke from my lips asking myself “why do I even exist”. Then an answer occurred telling me I need to live my life instead of going through the same routines that other people are living. I want to be able to explore, write a book, travel, disappear and live a better life. As I got to five my anger had subsided and I let my mind have another thought.

        What if we didn’t have a government, we would be able to do anything we want. We are capable of making citizen arrests, meaning anyone can arrest someone If they are in suspicion. Why cant we make our own society with out a government? why cant we just explain what others think and negotiate and also barter with personal value instead of currency. Currency is paper that we literally all wipe our asses with. If I’m not making myself clear, you have to think outside the box to truly understand. As I got to 1 I put the cigarette out in the beer bottle that my dad had put out on the steps of my house and went inside and ate a slice of cheese cake and drank my protein shake.

Nave Shell
One of my sketchbooks. This is one of the designs I did today.